Sunday, August 25, 2013

Quick Change

Quick Change Poster

"Quick Change" is a new breed entry in the 2013 Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival starring Jun-Jun Quintana, Miggstonton Cuaderno and introducing Mimi Juareza.

Main Cast: Mimi Juareza, Junjun Quintana, Miggs Cuaderno
Supporting Cast: Natashia Yumi, Felipe Martinez, John Relucio, Giggle Esmeralda, Francine Garcia, Rolando Inocencio
Director: Eduardo Roy, Jr.
Genre: Dramedy
Released by: Cinemalaya
MTRCB Rating: R-18

Synopsis: Dorina believes she is a lady incarcerated inside a male body. She’s got herself a flourishing career, albeit in an illegal cosmetic surgery business. She is a mother figure to Hero, her eight year old nephew. She acts as a devoted wife to Uno. Between her job and her family, Dorina feels that she is one lucky woman. Until Uno falls in love with another tranny (transvestite).

The Positive: "Quick Change" is funny in spots and sensitive in others. Its edgy theme will take you to the world of Filipino transvestites--their obsession to beauty and their complicated lifestyle. The director (Roy) effectively conveyed the social relevance of the film in such a natural flow. Aside from revealing their private parts, Mimi Juareza and Junjun Quintana are both revelation when it comes to acting.

The Negative: It has a simple premise that you can actually tell its story in a short film.

3 stars
Entertainment: 4.5 stars


"Quick Change" Trailer:

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